Do you need to boost your conference? Perhaps you need help finding the common thread in this year's theme?

Impact Group’s Event Consultancy brings you closer to colleagues and customers at your conference. Our expertise maximizes the benefits of your conference. All events have a purpose and that is our guideline. It’s important that the vision and desired outcome is clear from the beginning. We’ll help you make the analysis and plan for this.

What is your customers’ or colleagues’ needs? We look at your corporate culture when we advise you on how to build a conference. For example we suggest what activities we think would optimize your conference – these activities a very different from company to company.

We use different tools in order to make sure that the conference has the best flow. Music can be an important element for connecting those activities. It can also be an important element in an “energizer”, which is our way of providing fresh oxygen to the brain after listening to speakers hour after hour.

Energizers are different activities that allow participants to leave their chairs. It’s an important break from the more academic elements on the agenda. The small creative breaks give people new energy and help them process and remember received information. Energizers can also visualize the kind of thoughts the conference delivers.

As external consultants we see your event from above. We look at the challenges in a new way and our experience helps us to find out what works. Most important of all; we ask the questions that only external people can - this takes the process to the finish.

You should choose Impact Group as the event consultant on your internal conference because we have many years of experience within the field and because of the great feedback we get from our customers. They are especially pleased with the way we adapt their individual needs. We customize our work for every target group.

We will take care of:

  • A detailed project plan
  • An event program
  • The coordination with the suppliers
  • The budget (approved by you)
  • All the details regarding the planned activities


Give us a call at +45 7020 7720 and let’s have a non-binding talk about your future conference.